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Friday, October 12th, 2012

Oct 12, 2012 -- 9:49am



    Florida Governor Rick Scott, who accidentally gave out the number of a phone sex line at a public meeting instead of the number for a Fungal Meningitis Hotline. In light of a recent national outbreak of meningitis from contaminated spinal steroid injections, the governor was providing concerned citizens the number of an 866 hotline where they could go for information. Unfortunately, he mixed up the number and provided the number of a sex worker, whose voice answered the number with: "Hello boys! Thanks for calling me on my anniversary." The governor later corrected the mistake and provided the correct hotline number.


    An 80-year-old woman in Florida, who saw her two adult sons fighting, so she shot at them. Lorene Jones Orr's sons were outside her glass front door arguing, so she got her .38 Special and fired a warning shot through the door at her sons. They left the scene on foot before police arrived.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    A suspected thief in New Jersey who robbed a clothing store, but was shot at after he hung around to shop. A thief entered the store, walked around suspiciously and eventually produced a revolver and demanded money from the store's owner. The owner gave the man $250. Instead of fleeing the scene, however, the thief headed back toward the store's clothing racks. This gave the owner time to retrieve his shotgun and fire three rounds at the robber, who then fled.


    Maurice Thomas III, a 42-year-old Florida man, who allegedly stole his neighbor's TV and sold it at a pawn shop in his town using his real name. The man allegedly ransacked his neighbor's apartment, stole the $350 TV set and pawned it for $70. Police detectives found the stolen TV at the local pawn shop and were able to trace it back to Thomas, because he used his real name and address when he pawned it. He was charged in the theft along with violation of probation.

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