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Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Sep 27, 2012 -- 9:34am



    Army Specialist Patrick Edward Myer, who accidentally shot and killed his friend while trying to scare his hiccups away. The two Fort Hood soldiers were allegedly drinking and watching football when the incident happened. Myers apparently pointed a gun at the victim's head to scare his hiccups sway. Unfortunately, the gun went off and shot the hiccuping man in the face, killing him. Myer was charged with manslaughter.


    Robert Boudreaux, 31, who learned, if your pregnant girlfriend needs to be rushed to the hospital, it's probably best to call an ambulance instead of carjacking the first person you can find. The girlfriend's car ran out of gas, and the couple had walked several miles. When the 22-year-old girlfriend began to feel dehydrated and complained that she was bleeding, Boudreaux walked into the path of an oncoming car. That driver initially refused to take them to the hospital, but Boudreaux got angry and threatened to shoot him. When the driver stopped at a red light, Boudreaux forced the man out of the car and threatened again to shoot him if he didn't comply. Boudreaux was arrested in the hospital parking lot.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    Erick Rosales Rojo, 20, who found a lost iPhone and refused to return it unless the owner paid a ransom. The owner called the lost phone and a man calling himself Erick answered, demanding $40 for the phone's return. A police officer, posing as the owner, met Rojo to exchange the iPhone for cash, and then arrested him.

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