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Jackson School Installs Mobile Panic Alarm Buttons

Jan 30, 2014 -- 2:15pm

A Jackson school has issuedMobile Panic Alarms to be worn on lanyards around the neck of all school employees throughout every school day.  The St. Paul Lutheran School issued the small fobs that transmit an extended wireless signal reaching across the entire school campus -- indoors and outdoors.  They deliver two alert levels.  At the first alert level, a dangerous condition may be present.  At the second alert level, once a clear and present danger is observed anywhere on campus, any employee may activate their Mobile Panic Alarm for 10 seconds, and the system automatically elevates its Alert Code simultaneously activating campus-wide piercing sirens, an automatic school lockdown, and the Jackson Police Panic Button. The Mobile Panic Alarms are the first of St. Paul Lutheran School's Four Phase Security Plan that will aggressively enhance the school's Culture of Security.  On February 6th, administrators will present the full plan being executed to the school's parents and teachers at 6:30 PM.  


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