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Perryville chief candidate disqualified for unpaid taxes

Jan 30, 2014 -- 11:54am

Southeast Missourian

It was a three-way race for city marshal in Perryville but now only two candidates remain. A tax bill of less than $35 in unpaid personal property taxes disqualified one of the men running for the vacancy. Sergeant Brad Pitts of the Perryville Police Department filed Dec. 17 as a candidate for city marshal, running against Lieutenant Direk Hunt and city code enforcement officer Joe Martin. Under state law, no one can be certified as a candidate for municipal office or appear on the ballot who is in arrears for city taxes or municipal user fees on the last day to file a declaration of candidacy. In preparing candidates' certification to send to the county clerk's office, Perryville City Clerk Tracy Prost discovered Pitts owed the city $32.21 in personal property taxes. She said at the time Pitts filed, his taxes were not delinquent. The filing period for the April 8 election closed Jan. 21. Under state law, if Pitts is not qualified to be certified as a candidate, he cannot run as a write-in candidate, either.

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