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Ticket to Ride

Oct 23, 2013 -- 5:30pm


Massachusetts native Don Hussey looks fondly back at his time spent in the Heartland, with some interesting experiences at SIU, including a protest regarding the lack of campus housing during the 60s.  His book, Ticket to Ride-the Promise of America is a personal memoir of his experiences growing up in a dysfunctional and at times abusive family, and his effort to break away and find that American dream.  Hussey tells KZIM-KSIM that the going was tough, and he did not have a lot of options.  Hussey says he started the book as a letter to his son, as he was leaving for a tour of duty in Iraq.  But the letter turned into a book, and now he hopes it will inspire and uplift.  He says that he has a fond place in his heart for the Midwest, and still keeps in touch with the friends he made here.  You can find the book on

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