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Did you know Obamacare rates and providers differ by County? What will your rate be?

Oct 22, 2013 -- 6:00pm

 Have you been wondering how Obamacare will affect you? What you'll pay for an Obamacare plan depends on five things:  the level of coverage you choose, whether you qualify for a subsidy, where you live in Missouri, your age, and whether or not you smoke. According to, the site the administration set up for the healthcare reform, Cape Girardeau County is in “Rating Area 10” of Missouri. Currently, there are 2 providers offering 18 plans to the area.  The lowest projected Obamacare rate for a 25 year-old without any severe health problems in Cape Girardeau is around 150 a month with the Catastrophic Plan (which is only for those under 30), and  the highest being over $330. For more info, you can preview what plan you are eligible for without applying, at

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