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Group who wants to legalize marijuana in MO held a meeting at the Cape Public Library Monday

Oct 22, 2013 -- 5:00pm

The Hirsch Room at the Cape Girardeau Public Library was filled with local residents Monday night, who came together to discuss marijuana's future in Missouri. Show-Me Cannabis, a Kansas City, Mo.-based group that advocates for the legalization and regulation of marijuana in the state, visited Cape Girardeau to host a public meeting which featured presentations and a question-and-answer session by executive director and treasurer of Show-Me Cannabis John Payne and Republican state Rep. Paul Curtman.  Curtman said at the meeting, he felt that laws are a bit too harsh on marijuana users. Another issue that was discussed by the group, was whether individuals who have “youthful indiscretions” with possession of marijuana should be able to have those offense taken off the record after a period of time. There are no laws legalizing marijuana in Missouri; however Columbia and St. Louis have decriminalized marijuana, making the consequence of the possession of small amounts of marijuana a low-level misdemeanor with no jail time, similar to a traffic ticket. 

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