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Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Sep 05, 2013 -- 9:33am


    24-year-old Wesley Keith Baxter, who fled the scene of a robbery on a moped while wearing a ski mask over his helmet. Baxter entered a gas station in North Carolina, demanded money and threatened a customer with a screwdriver before exiting. Baxter was caught a short distance from the store and apologized for the incident. His apology along with the fact that he had a ski mask over his helmet gave police a fairly strong indication they had apprehended the right suspect.


    Richard Dameron, who was ordered by the court to wear a sign that read "I was an idiot that day and it will never happen again." Dameron had to first serve jail time for threatening to kill a police officer. The judge said when that time was up, he had to wear the sign but he didn't show up, telling a judge he was drunk and didn't have a ride. The judge slapped him with another 90 days and made sure he wore the sign this time.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    Mark Gregory Valadez, whose misdemeanor charges were upgraded to a felony after a loaded gun was found inside his rectum. Valadez allegedly bragged to other inmates about his feat at a jail in Oklahoma City. Valadez somehow managed to avoid a metal detector because of a high volume of bookings at the jail over the holiday weekend. Police overheard his bragging to others and conducted a more detailed body cavity search and retrieved a fully loaded Derringer inside Valadez's derriere.

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