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Watch out for snakes on LaRue Road, also known as "Snake Road"

Aug 29, 2013 -- 4:51pm

The Shawnee National Forest will temporarily close LaRue Road 345, also known as Snake Road, between mile markers 3 and 5.8 from Sept. 1 through Oct. 30. Supervisor and Wildlife Biologist Chad Deaton tells KZIM KSIM they do this once in the Spring and in the Fall. The snakes will be migrating across the road, so to avoid accidents and to protect the snakes the Shawnee National Forest closes the road to traffic.Deaton says that the migration also brings sight seers, as the area is still accessible by foot. Many people from all over the country and world come to witness the migration.Deaton says migrating snakes and amphibians make a seasonal journey from their summer swamp habitats to their winter hibernation areas in the Fall. Some of these species have been identified as threatened and endangered by both the state of Illinois and the U.S. Forest Service and closing the road helps ensure the reptile's safe crossing during migration. 

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