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A Mississippi man is sentenced after pleading guilty to robbing a Doniphan bank

Aug 28, 2013 -- 6:00pm

46-year-old Patrick Newman pled guilty to one felony count of Bank Robbery in May before US District Judge Stephen Limbaugh, Jr.  Newman admitted that on November 30th  of 2012 he purchased two cell phones from a Wal-Mart store in Pocahontas. He then approached another individual in Doniphan, and asked him to take one of the cell phones, and give it to a teller in the People’s Community State Bank in Doniphan. The man delivered the phone to the teller, who called the only number in the cell, the second phone purchased by Newman. He admitted that he told the teller his name was “Phillip” and that he had placed bombs in a local school and a local daycare and that she had four minutes in which to leave $25,000 in unmarked bills near a realty sign at a specific intersection in Doniphan. The teller contacted the Doniphan Police Department and the R-I School District was placed on shutdown, but a bomb was not located.  Police investigators tracked down the phone and identified Newman. He has been sentenced to be incarcerated through the Federal Bureau of Prisons for 51 months after which he will be on two years supervised probation. 

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