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A local town is hosting its annual neighbor days! It’s like a giant class reunion!

Aug 28, 2013 -- 4:56pm

Thousands of people will be headed for a local town this weekend! With the exception of a break for WW II, Benton has hosted its annual neighbor days festival since 1925!! Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the event Barry Urhahn says the carnival rides and midway open Friday at 5pm with games, food, chamber prizes, and pageantry! Then, he tells KZIM KSIM LIVE entertainment gets people who seem to have known each other since childhood kick up their heels dancing in the street (or technically the ball park). "A lot of people who grew up here pretty much make plans to come back this time every year cause they get to see everybody they haven't seen in forever!" Check out the exhibits in the old school house and plan to attend the parade at 11am Saturday. There will also be a volleyball tournament and a greased pole climb. Urhahn invites you to the event even if you’re not originally from Benton. 

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