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Thursday, May 16th, 2013

May 16, 2013 -- 4:52am



    Kerry Lee Bobo, 53, who thought if he wrapped a pistol in aluminum foil, it would be undetectable to airport X-ray machines. He was wrong and is now facing a federal criminal charge for allegedly trying to smuggle the loaded weapon on a flight to Europe. During questioning, Bobo said that he was continuing on to Nairobi from Amsterdam and had packed the gun "to protect himself from animals while in Kenya." Bobo, who was traveling alone, claimed that he had encased the weapon in aluminum foil to "thwart airport baggage personnel from stealing it." If charged, Bobo could face a maximum of ten years in prison.


    Two moms, Billie Jean Williams, 27, and Mary Joyce Daffron, 28, who celebrated Mother's Day behind bars after leaving their kids -- ages six and eight -- at a beach bar while they went on a booze cruise around the lake for an hour. Police became aware of the situation and were there to greet the boat as it came back in. Both woman were so drunk they fell into the water as they tried to get off the boat. The women said they had been gone only ten minutes and the children were left under the supervision of the eight-year-old's "godfather." Officers later discovered the "godfather" was, in fact, a man one of the mothers met earlier in the day, whose last name neither woman knew. Williams and Daffron were booked on one count each of child neglect. Daffron wouldn't go quietly and was additionally charged with resisting arrest.

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