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Monday, May 13th, 2013

May 13, 2013 -- 9:46am


    Bryan Zuniga, 20, who may have had a brief moment of joy when he thought he gave the slip to the sheriff's deputy chasing him. However, that was short lived thanks to an alligator. Zuniga slipped under a fence and into a lake to escape the police. A few hours later, police got word that their man was being treated in the hospital after being bit in the face and arm by a gator near a water-treatment plant. Zuniga said, "He opened his mouth and just grabbed me and we started twisting and wrestling. I was just fighting for my life." The alligator eventually let him go and he was able to walk to a hospital with bite marks on his face, throat, and arm. Zuniga was running from cops after a traffic stop.

    Lawyers in Phoenix, who were carrying out the wishes of a deceased client and made out a check to an animal shelter for $189,000. The only problem—they sent the check to the wrong shelter. The check was supposed to go to a Collinsville, Illinois animal shelter, but the lawyers didn't do their research and sent it to the Collinsville, Oklahoma animal shelter instead. What became a windfall for the tiny Oklahoma town became a major kick in the gut when they learned the check wasn't theirs after all.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....
    The folks at Goodrich Capital Eight [8] Theaters in Jefferson City, Missouri, who deliberately dressed someone in full body armor, including a fake weapon, as part of an Iron Man Three [3] opening "publicity stunt." Jefferson City police and witnesses, however, are not pleased with the stunt and are questioning the theater's logic after recent shootings in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut. The police received a series of 911 calls stating that a man dressed in all black and body armor and a rifle was walking into the theater. Officers immediately responded in full force thinking it was a possible active shooting. The theater then had to explain the publicity stunt after officers arrived.



    Deborah Ann Burns, 37, who stabbed her boyfriend with an eight-inch knife, after he farted at her. Burns is accused of attacking her boyfriend with a knife, because he deliberately farted in her face while walking past her on his way to the kitchen. The couple had been watching TV when the incident occurred. Burns was arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Since Burns is a convicted felon, the bail was set at $50,000.

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