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Local kids understand the importance of law enforcement. The winners of the memorial contest were guests at KZIM KSIM Studios

May 10, 2013 -- 2:13pm



As we honor our area’s forty-eight fallen Police Officers and their families, we remember how they lived, not just how they died. Youngsters competed in record numbers in the annual law enforcement memorial coloring, poem, and essays contests from the SE Missourian Junior. Lieutenant Scott Eakers of the Jackson Police Department brought the first place kids in studio with KZIM KSIM Faune Riggin this morning. 7-year old Dylan Pelligrinni won the coloring contest, 9-year old Alyssa Rueseler was the poem winner, and 11-year old Samantha Merritt stole the hearts of the Seniors and Lawmen Together or SALT judges with her essay… this is an exerpt: To me a hero is someone who stops people from doing bad things and put their lives in danger to save ours. That is exactly what they do. That is why they are my hero. Also I will never forget the day a policeman saved my life. He was brave because someone broke into my house and tried to shoot us. but the policeman arrested him. So next time you see a policeman make sure you say thank you! A ceremony for the fallen heroes was held at Cape Bible Chapel this morning, followed by a cook out

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