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Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Apr 22, 2013 -- 10:03am



    Phillip Joseph Steinberg, 22, whose attempted robbery of a Florida pizza parlor was thwarted when the clerk said "NO," not once but twice. Steinberg wore a black ski mask when he attempted to rob the pizza parlor, but the clerk assumed the masked bandit was joking and told him "no." Surprisingly it worked. As he left the pizzeria, he removed the ski mask and fled, but not before workers got a good look at him. A passing motorist, with good instincts, decided to follow the man and contacted 911. Officers arrived, and located the suspect's car in the driveway, along with Steinberg trying to place the license plates back on to the vehicle. The car's owner, who was inside the residence, told deputies that he had loaned his car to his friend for a booze run. When Steinberg returned, he remarked that Village Pizza had been robbed by someone matching his description, so he removed the vehicle's tag to avoid a case of mistaken identity.


    Benjamin Kohler, 26, who apparently ignored the bailiff's directions of no texting in the courtroom. So now he's serving some time behind bars. Kohler was serving jury duty when Judge Graves noticed a glowing light reflecting off Kohler's chest. He called for a recess and cleared the courtroom, excusing all the jurors except for Kohler. Graves instructed the court's bailiff to take Kohler into custody for contempt of court, and sent him to jail for two days. By the way, there is no bail for a contempt of court charge.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    Richard Godbehere, who posted a video on LiveLeak, of him drinking a beer while driving that was meant to be a joke. However, local police didn't find it funny and arrested him. Godbehere says the video was meant as a parody and claimed there was no beer in that bottle. Now the case will come down to whether a judge or jury believes him.

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