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Friday, April 19th, 2013

Apr 19, 2013 -- 10:05am



    A 28-year-old New York man, who learned coasting your SUV with no brakes downhill to a scrap yard isn't a good idea after all. The man told officers he had disconnected the battery before coasting down a hill to get to a nearby scrap yard. Because the vehicle didn't have any working brakes, he was unable to stop at an intersection and collided with another vehicle. He and the other driver suffered minor injuries. The man was charged with reckless endangerment, failure to stop at a stop sign, and having inadequate brakes.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    Jason Cruz, whose choice of words at the wrong time caused him to get booted from a flight at New York's JFK International Airport. Cruz and a friend were flying to Los Angeles which is a fairly long flight. So Cruz stopped at a local deli and grabbed his sandwich of choice, which is nicknamed "The Bomb" because of its explosive flavor. At the airport, Cruz was talking to his friend while waiting to pass through security. Referring to his sandwich, Cruz turned to his friend and said he wanted to bring "The Bomb" aboard the plane. A TSA agent heard Cruz's comment and reacted immediately, thinking he was referring to an explosive device rather than a sandwich name. TSA agents took the men into custody. Cruz and his friend were questioned extensively until it became clear that the "bomb" he referred to was a sandwich. The pair were eventually released. Needless to say, they missed their flight.


    Parents of Jadiel Rosario, who didn't realize they had left their two-year-old buckled in his car seat inside a car for eight hours. The family was returning from visiting with relatives and returned home about four a.m. Both parents had thought the other had taken their toddler out of the car seat. Neither one had. Around noon the next day the parents went in to check on the two-year-old and discovered him missing. They called police, then realized that neither had brought the child in from the vehicle when they returned home. Police said it was common for the family to keep late hours and for the child to sleep until noon. The family has three other children ages eight, seven and three.

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