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Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Apr 18, 2013 -- 10:22am



    Anthony Reynolds, a New Jersey man, whose plan to carjack a Porsche was foiled when he realized he couldn't drive a stick shift. Anthony, 18, and an accomplice were driving in a stolen BMW in Newark when they approached a Porsche 911 Turbo. Reynolds threatened the owner of the car with a .38 caliber revolver and his accomplice left in the BMW, leaving Reynolds by himself. As he struggled with the manual transmission, the owner of the car flagged down police. Reynolds tried to run but was captured and has been charged with motor vehicle theft.


    Angela Byers, 22, who faces a shoplifting charge after "test driving" several pacifiers in Walmart. Byers was spotted opening several packages of pacifiers to allow her child to try them out before choosing which binky to buy. Walmart decided to release her because of the minimal value of the items in question, but a Walmart investigator then determined that Byers had previously been arrested for shoplifting at another Walmart store. Along with previous charges of assault and battery, she has now been charged with shoplifting.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    A man in Dayton, Ohio who allegedly stole a grill and was found by police who followed a trail of charcoal. The thief is a scrapper and claims he did not take the grill, but found it in his alley and wants to know why he could be arrested for something he just found. He also claimed a homeless man who he had let stay with him on various occasions took the grill. When police asked why he would house the homeless man, all he had to say is that he would kill him if he ever found him.

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