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Union or right to work? Get the answers from a National Spokesman tomorrow in Cape

Apr 17, 2013 -- 2:29pm


Do you believe unions have the right to make people pay dues to work at certain companies? Or does every individual have the right to be employed without paying forced labor dues? It’s been argued for decades. National Right to Work Legal Defense Fund Foundation president Mark Mix will be at Dexter BBQ tomorrow at 7pm for the SEMO Pachyderm meeting. Mix holds no punches in his fact based arguments in favor of an amendment to right this wrong. He tells KZIM KSIM the debate is passionate but it comes down to politics as well as employment. He says unions are HUGE HUGE political players. He estimates and they concede giving many billions of dollars to the political process of those who would push for their favor. Everybody gives to the political process however, Mix says the problem lies in the fact that union officials can FORCE someone who doesn't want to - to pay for it! That is the injustice in the system. Mix and the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation provide free legal assistance to workers facing compulsory unionism. If you would like to pose a question to Mix attend the free program. But come early if you want a good seat! 

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