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Downtown Renewal Efforts

Mar 20, 2013 -- 7:00pm


Visitors and residents are noticing changes, or lack thereof, among the historic buildings on both Broadway and Main streets in downtown Cape.  The city council debated the edition of more parking this week, and the continued vacancy of multiple buildings is not going unnoticed by Old Town Cape, a not-for-profit organization that works toward downtown revitalization.  But the owner of Annie Laurie’s Antiques, Laurie Everett is still positive about the area.  Old Town Cape continues to try to attract businesses in cooperation with the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce, Magnet and local real-estate agents. Executive Director Marla Mills says some buildings are in the midst of transformation, and while others may appear empty, they actually are residential spaces.  More info on the downtown revitalization can be found at

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