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Missourians want change in Washington DC — Is the Republican choice to fill Emerson’s seat the answer?

Mar 20, 2013 -- 4:43pm


Jason Smith of District 1-20 in Phelps and Crawford Counties was chosen by a special Committee to be the Republican candidate in the special election June 4th, to fill the US House seat vacated by Congresswoman Joann Emerson. Smith is the Missouri House Speaker Pro Tem first elected in 2005. He says he wants to take on the process of dismantling our Constitutional Rights and get Congress back to being honest.  KZIM KSIM asked him for a response on the comments from others that he may be too young for the job…He is 32 years old and of the one-hundred-sixty-three house members - He has been there the longest. He says we need Missouri's conservatives values in Washington DC to balance the budget like we do here at home. He thinks Conservative experience is necessary right now in DC. Smith says he is a fourth generation cattle and hog farmer from a very rural part of the state. He fully understands the challenges ahead and particularly wants to FIX the Farm bill that he called a food stamp and nutrition bill in its current form. As a lawyer and small business owner Smith says he uniquely understands the challenges brought forth by the Affordable Health Care Act and would begin to work immediately on its repeal. He faces, Democrat Steve Hodges, Constitution Party Doug Enyart, and Libertarian Bill Slantz. 

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