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Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Mar 20, 2013 -- 4:41am



    Dustin Stirewalt, 20, who thought no one would notice the scent of his pot smoking during a traffic checkpoint if he sprayed some cologne to mask the smell. He was wrong. Police said the freshly sprayed cologne actually drew officers to Stirewalt's vehicle where they found marijuana and pills.


    Patrick James Gelardi, 25, who tried to steal a Nokia Lumia phone from an AT&T store by cutting it off the wall with wire cutters. But as he took off from the store, he slipped and hit a post, landing on the ground with the phone and wire cutters by his side. Some folks would give their eye tooth for a new phone; this dude apparently gave up several teeth. Gelardi took off, but police caught up with him after a check of area hospitals. He was identified and arrested.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    A man in Pennsylvania, who robbed the man who had provided a ride, but didn't get far when his getaway car ran out of gas. The victim took a man to a convenience store where he was robbed and the assailant hopped into an awaiting vehicle. The victim called 911 and gave chase. Police found the robbers getaway car about 15 miles from the robbery, out of gas, with its blinkers on. Two men were arrested a short time later.


    23-year-old William Russell Voswinkel Junior, who sliced his brother with a sword over an argument involving synthetic marijuana. When deputies arrived the two brothers reportedly changed their statements repeatedly and became increasingly verbally aggressive towards the officers. The older brother was upset at the synthetic pot the two had and went into a room where a collection of various knives and swords were kept. The victim tried to grab the sword because of his older brother's violent past and was cut between the thumb and index finger. Big brother is now behind bars on assault charges.

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