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Tiny lives can be saved with a simple screening yet some hospitals are not doing it it may be a law soon

Mar 19, 2013 -- 4:41pm


A five minute test could indicate whether or not your infant has a congenital heart defect. A Pulse Oximetry Screening is non invasive, inexpensive, and most medical facilities already have the equipment on site. So why are not all babies being screened? Government Relations Director for the Missouri Chapter of the American heart Association, Jace Smith says they soon may have to. Advocacy legislation has already passed or is being considered in twelve states – including Missouri. Senate bill 2-30 will be heard next week calling for mandatory implementation of the Pulse Ox process and the House bill should be heard in April. Smith tells KZIM KSIM “Chloe’s Law” could be effective by January 2014 with little to no cost directly to the parents…Under the health care reform bill this would be required screening to be covered by all insurance. Since 2007 fifty-four babies have died of heart defects the pulse ox would have recognized. Smith says even home births would be required to be screened right away after birth. The only exemption is for religious objection. Visit heart-dot-org for more information. 

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