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Be a kid again and hunt for eggs — but get Adult goodies!

Mar 19, 2013 -- 4:30pm


It’s ok to act like a kid but the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday the 23rd is for grown folks only! The SE Health Foundation is hosting a dinner at the Bavarian Halle at 6pm that will include a cash bar, auctions, and music… but the fun part is that ADULTS will be outside with a flashlight to gather colorful plastic eggs! Foundation Executive Director Mary Burton-Hitt tells KZIM KSIM this event sells out fast…revelers will be out in a field with their decorated baskets - remember this is a basket decorating contest too - and you will find slips of paper in your eggs that will be exchanged for prizes! A few “hunters” will bag big prizes: like a rodeo package with meals and hotel covered OR a recliner from Ross Furniture! A BBQ dinner will be served. All proceeds benefit the hospice program serving people who “fall through the cracks” in affording healthcare. Call 986-6623. Tickets are 25$

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