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Friday, February 8th, 2013

Feb 08, 2013 -- 10:16am



    Jesse Reidy, 19, and Brannon Collins, 18, who walked into a Manchester, New Hampshire convenience store, threatened the clerk with a knife and took the cash and fled. But they failed to notice that the Manchester Police Department had just moved into its new building that was directly across the street from the convenience store. They're both under arrest.


    Mother of the Year candidate, Florinda Tsosie, 38, who noticed police in the area and forced her daughter, who is only 14 and not a licensed driver, to take the wheel. Unfortunately for mom, the teen wasn't a much better driver than her, and soon cops got word of a car without its headlights on swerving down the road. When police finally pulled the vehicle over they found the girl behind the wheel. The scared teen quickly told cops everything and eventually mom blew an impressive blood alcohol concentration more than twice the legal limit. Tsosie avoided being arrested for a DUI, but now faces charges of child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    An unidentified Wisconsin man who stole a snake from a pet display and left his son behind. A volunteer gave the corn snake to the child to hold, and the child handed it to the father, who then left by himself. The police arrested the man later after spotting him carrying a moving pillowcase. The snake, which is worth $40, was returned to the exhibit and the man was arrested for child neglect.


    Aaron Chase, 24, who didn't see any problem in dressing up as the Joker from the Batman movies then going out to an Applebee's in upstate New York. Police reported that Chase, who was dressed in black and wearing a green wig and face paint, sat at the eatery's bar and sought to be served (though he had no money). Chase, who was "acting strange," was asked to leave several times but refused. As a result, he was charged with trespassing. Chase was transported to a local hospital for a mental evaluation, the results of which are unknown.

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