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Monday, January 28th, 2013

Jan 28, 2013 -- 9:45am




    20-year-old Christal D. Smith, a prostitute who ignored all the signs to keep her out of jail, but didn't stop. Smith received a request for her services through phone and text messages. Even though the potential client was 50 miles away at the Salem Police Department, she continued on. She walked past several uniformed officers and numerous "Police Department" signs before arriving at her destination, an unmarked door. When she tried to contact her client, she was busted. The apparently unwitting victim of a very obvious police department sting.]


    The Chicago Public Schools system, that sent an email with a typo to parents, sending them to an erotic website. The email was meant to notify parents of changes to the Illinois Standards Achievement Test. The link was supposed to take them to the Illinois State Board of Education website. It didn't. The typo linked parents to a website that "Works together to explore and enrich the modern woman's sex life and sensuality."

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    Dr. Donald A. Holshuh, who urinated on the door of a dentist, who testified against him during a New Hampshire Board of Medicine hearing. Police say a surveillance camera caught Holshuh, a dermatologist, urinating on the employee door of Dr. Mark Wirant's office in retaliation against Wirant for testifying against him.


    Laura L. Pasto, 52, who held up a Dollar General store using... just her finger. Pasto, who has no criminal record, apparently snapped after losing her job. She walked into a Pennsylvania Dollar General store and told the clerk, "This is a stickup, give me all the money, after placing her finger into her jacket pocket to make it look like she was armed. Pastor got away with $148 and was identified through surveillance video and later confessed the crime to police.

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