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Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Jan 10, 2013 -- 9:49am


    Austin Lee Westfall Presler, 19, whose trail of Cheetos led to his arrest. Police responded to a convenience store break-in and noticed that the robber made off with beer, cigarettes, snack foods and energy drinks. The thief had inadvertently broken open a bag of Cheetos, leaving several of the cheesy nuggets on the floor of the store. Police located the suspect's car from the store's surveillance video, found where the car was parked and approached the front door of the home. There they noticed more fresh Cheetos on the front porch. A search warrant revealed Presler in a room along with the items stolen from the store.

    A small religious school in Berea, Ohio, who is under criminal investigation after allowing several dozen teenage students and other volunteers to gut a school building containing asbestos. Students as young as 13 who attended the Buckeye Education School spent several weekends removing asbestos-filled materials without any protective gear. State regulations require a building owner to use certified contractors to remove asbestos. EPA regulators say they'll never know how much of the cancer-causing agent got into the students' lungs over several weekends of work.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....
    Jason Earl Dean, 25, who wanted to win the heart of a fellow Taco Bell employee, so he thought handcuffing himself to the 18-year-old female co-worker would do the trick. He was wrong! Dean finally got his day in court for the 2011 offense and was sentenced to four years in jail, followed by six years on probation. Dean is also not to have any contact with the victim or her family.

    Aisha Jackson, a Wisconsin woman, who dialed 911 to get out of a traffic ticket. The plot worked for a while, until she was arrested and accused of making false 911 calls on her seventh try. Investigators learned that each time Jackson was pulled over, she would call 911 while officers were writing a citation. Officers would leave the scene of the traffic stop to investigate the 911 activity, only to find there was no emergency.

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