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A blast from the past wants to fix the problem of holding a special election for Emerson’s seat

Dec 31, 2012 -- 4:48pm


A familiar name in the 8th Congressional District wants to make an offer he thinks the selection committee cannot refuse! Wendall Bailey, of Willow Springs, served the region prior to Bill and then JoAnn Emerson. He says he knows a way to avoid a costly special election and allow those who seek the seat to have a fair fight in August 2013. Bailey tells KZIM KSIM it’s simple… he would serve the remainder of Emerson’s term upon her retirement in February… He would fill the vacated seat for 16 months until the primary election. Then the public can elect whomever they wish to take on the full term of that district 8 seat. Bailey says he wants to assist in re-igniting the Reagan revolution and push to bring back jobs to manufacturing and make SE Missouri conducive to private sector employers. He says those seeking to have the office come the primary election in August of 2014 would not have campaign against him as he would gladly step aside. As for the selection committee – Bailey says they like his plan but are not committed to it! Congresswoman Emerson is taking a role as President and CEO of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. 

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