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Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Dec 26, 2012 -- 10:15am


    Damon Torres, 34, who was arrested for groping a 58-year-old woman in New York City's Times Square while dressed as a Super Mario Brother. The New Jersey man, dressed as a video game character, allegedly blocked the woman's path and inappropriately grabbed her thigh before walking away. The woman notified police, who had no trouble finding the man in costume in the crowded tourist attraction.

    Daniel W. Bailey, 32, who ran out of gas in Troy Township, Illinois, knocked on a door, and decided to go in and make himself at home when no one answered. The residents said they awoke to Bailey knocking on the bedroom door. They came out to find Bailey playing with their cat and told him to leave. Later the couple realized that Bailey had turned on the TV and the Christmas tree lights in the living room, eaten a coffee cake out of the cabinet, played a round of darts, removed the gas cap from the lawn mower and three vehicles in the garage, and stolen food from the freezer. Bailey was arrested on charges of residential burglary, vandalism, theft, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

    A police officer in Denham Springs, Louisiana, who asked a woman to take down her Christmas lights, which were shaped like a middle finger, due to an obscenity statue, only to find out that no such statute actually exists. A judge ruled that the woman, Sarah Childs, was free to display whatever Christmas lights she wants. Childs had put up the middle-finger shaped lights during a dispute with neighbors, who then called authorities to have the lights removed. When authorities told Childs to take down the lights, she struck back, winning a lawsuit and then putting up lights that display not one, but two raised middle fingers at her home.

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