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Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Dec 06, 2012 -- 10:33am


    Dan Motrescu, who climbed naked onto an equestrian statue in London's government district, ripped off its sword, bit it and brought central London traffic to a standstill. It took several hours for officers to talk the man down from the statue of the 19th century Duke of Cambridge. He didn't win points for his dismount either, and ended up at one point balancing himself on the duke's head. No mention of alcohol or drugs, but the Ukrainian man was convicted on a variety of charges.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....
    Sean Charles Oshea, 27, who was unhappy with the gas pump he was using, so he beat it up. Oshea told officers that he became irate when the gas pump would not accept his debit card, so he grabbed the nozzle and started beating on the pump, damaging it. Deputies say damages were estimated at several thousand dollars. Oshea was cited and released.

    Keith Woolery of Oklahoma, who took his covered wagon out for a little joy ride and deliberately rammed a police cruiser, but had a novel excuse for doing so. When police noticed Woolery driving erratically, they approached the covered wagon only to have the man ram the patrol car. When officers questioned Wollery, he blamed the mules. He said the officers got too
close and spooked the critters. That excuse didn't work, plus the smell of booze led officers to think otherwise. When Wollery refused to cooperate with officers he was tazed. He was taken off to jail, but the mules weren't cited.

    A burglar in Harrison, Arkansas, who broke into a pharmacy, grabbed two bottles of hydrocodone, and made his great escape before the police could respond to the alarm. A flawless performance except for one small detail: this genius, who wore a mask while breaking in, took it off so the security cameras could get a good look at him. Police are still looking for him, but his photo is now all over town.

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