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Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Dec 05, 2012 -- 11:05am


    Bobbie Jo Gacesa, 26, who was arrested after a driving lesson went awry in more ways than one. Gacesa was teaching a teenage girl to drive when the teen's foot slipped from the brake to the gas pedal and the minivan jumped a curb and struck a building. Strike one: Gacesa's license had been suspended after a drunk-driving conviction. Strike two: her vehicle's registration and inspection sticker were expired. Strike three: she was teaching a girl that didn't have a learner's permit. If that wasn't enough, the duo also fled the scene leaving a trail of leaking fluid that led police right to the damaged van. For an encore, officers found the van had license plates that belonged to another vehicle.

    A bungling thief, who fell through the ceiling of a Philadelphia pharmacy then needed four tries to climb back out empty-handed. Surveillance footage shows the man lowering himself through a hole in the ceiling before tumbling to the floor in a shower of building materials when something gave way. The man stuffed prescription drugs into his backpack and tried to climb back up, but ended up landing hard on his butt for the second time in just over a minute. It took him a couple more tries to get out of the building. He left behind his hard hat and the backpack full of meds in his attempts to get away.

    Tawanda Ayesha Byrd, 34, whose tattoos led to her eventual arrest. Byrd apparently broke in to a Florida home, attacked a couple inside, then released two pit bulls that she had in her car on them. The residents noticed Byrd's "Have Faith" neck tattoo and a butterfly tattoo she had on her foot, which they later used to identify her. She was released after posting a $27,000 bond and ordered to have no further contact with the victims.

    Christopher Franklin Weaver, 33, who ended up back behind bars less than an hour after he was released from jail. The Oregon man was released from jail at 11 a.m., then robbed a Pacific Continental Bank less than a mile from the county jail at 11:55 a.m. Weaver was released along with 31 other prisoners because the jail budget was cut. The jail was forced to keep only
the offenders that are considered "a greater risk to the public." Perhaps they need to reevaluate Weaver's records a little better before releasing him next time.

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