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Friday, November 30th, 2012

Nov 30, 2012 -- 9:35am



    Alejandro Hurtado, 63, who caused an international concourse at Miami International Airport to be evacuated after he joked about having dynamite in his luggage. The man from Guatemala made the remark when a TACA Airlines ticket agent asked if he was carrying any hazardous materials. The agent called police, despite Hurtado insisting he was only joking. Bomb squad officers responded and searched Hurtado's bag, but they found no explosives. Hurtado was taken into custody and charged with falsely reporting a bomb at an airport.


    Brian Reynolds, 40, who learned that there are worse things than getting run over by a truck. How about said person being hit by his or her own truck and then receiving a citation for it? Reynolds told police that the brakes stopped working on his 1987 Chevy as he was driving down the street. In response, he tried to stop the moving vehicle the old-fashioned, Fred Flintstone way. Reynolds reportedly attempted to turn his truck up a hill to the right side of the road, but police say it caused him to fall out of his open door. The truck drove over his left leg before rolling further down the street, hitting a fire hydrant and finally coming to a stop. He was treated at a local hospital for abrasions and a minor leg injury and issued a $35 citation for driving with defective equipment.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    Jacksonville, Florida, Police Officer David Sumlin, 49, who learned that soliciting for prostitution while on duty is not a great idea. Investigators talked with a known prostitute who said Sumlin agreed to pay $20 for sex. He had to leave on a call, but was to return later. The eight-year-veteran of the force has resigned.

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