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Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Nov 27, 2012 -- 9:48am



    An unidentified 34-year-old Massachusetts man, who left his girlfriend's two-year-old son in a car while he went shopping for Black Friday bargains, then went home with his new 51-inch flat screen television and left the toddler behind. Police say they found the child asleep in the vehicle in a Kmart parking lot at about 1:30 a.m. on Friday. The man told police he lost the boy while shopping, panicked and called someone else for a ride. The boyfriend is expected to be charged with reckless endangerment of a child.

OR HOW 'BOUT .....

    Shauna Shipman, a Dollar Tree store manager, who didn't want to deal with an extreme couponer, so she beat her up. Shipman refused to deal with the wad of coupons the woman presented and attacked the extreme couponer as she was leaving the Germantown, Tennessee, store. The shopper sustained a busted lip and popped blood vessels in her eye. According to the DeSoto County Coupon Club, they had a similar run-in with Shipman the week before. The incident was caught on store surveillance cameras.


    Robert Toth, 54, a Connecticut real estate agent, who found a novel way to take care of his competition. Toth swiped all of his competitors' For Sale signs from the front lawns of homes in the area. A competing realtor complained to authorities that his signs had been stolen from more than a half-dozen sites in one town and two in another. After an investigation, Toth was charged with third-degree larceny and first-degree criminal trespassing. Toth was a former employee of the company whose signs he stole.


    A phone book company in Montana, that has finally settled a lawsuit over the misplacement of a local restaurant in the "Animal Carcass Removal" section of its yellow pages. Restaurant owner Hunter Lacey sued Dex Media Incorporated after a Dex salesman deliberately published the free listing for the restaurant under the "Animal Carcass Removal" section, apparently because the restaurant refused to buy an advertisement in the phone book. The salesman no longer works for the company. The yellow page ad for the restaurant, Bar 3 Bar-B-Q, ended up on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" earlier this year.

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